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Learn about the facelift procedure, including facelift recovery time, before and after photos, costs, and the difference between a mini facelift and a full facelift.

Because gravity and the aging process affect individuals at different times, there is no “right time” to start thinking about a facelift. Both men and women who are concerned about improving the signs of facial aging are candidates for the procedure. During a facelift procedure, we begin by tightening the skin, lifting loose jowls, redefining the jawline, and eliminating sagging tissue around the lips and nose.

At Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey we focus on natural lifting techniques that do not change the appearance of our clients’ facial features. Often times, patients will also receive facelifts in combination with a neck lift or other procedures to restore facial appearance to a more youthful, rested state while achieving aesthetically pleasing results.

Facelift Before & After Photos

The cosmetic surgeons at PSANJ are highly skilled in the art of facelifts. View our unique before & after photo gallery to see facelift results on real patients from our offices in historic Princeton and New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Shorter Recovery Time: We have developed a unique peri-operative program for facelift patients at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey. Special vitamin compounds, herbals and tissue “glue” are utilized which allow our patients to experience minimal swelling and bruising while achieving a shorter recovery time.

Contact PSANJ to schedule a private facelift consultation at either of our New Brunswick, New Jersey or Princeton, New Jersey locations. We look forward to seeing you at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey.

Common Facelift Questions at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey


What is the recovery time for a facelift?


What is a mini facelift vs. a full facelift?

The incisions for a facelift are made discreetly around the hair and ear line. If neck tightening is desired, sometimes a small incision under the chin may be made as well. Stitches around the ear are removed after 5-6 days while clips in the scalp, are removed around the 10-14 day mark.


After a facelift, when can I return to work? And start exercising again?

Most patients return to work about 2 weeks after the facelift procedure. You can be up and walking immediately after the procedure, and light exercise and more moderate workouts can be considered after 3-4 weeks, but heavy exercise routines should be avoided for at least a full month after a tummy tuck. Always consult with your physician before starting an exercise regime, as facelift recovery times vary per patient.


How long will it take after the facelift to look ‘normal’ again?

This varies on a case by case basis as some patients bruise more than others. Post-operative bruising from the facelift usually disappears within 1-3 weeks and if needed, concealer can cover most bruising after about a week. The return to normal activities after a facelift is a highly personal decision. Most of the time, patients prefer to wait until the bruising disappears to attend public social events. However, after several days most of the discomfort will be reduced enough to return to usual, non-strenuous activities.


Why should I get a facelift at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey?

Members of the PSANJ surgical team have been rated as “Top Doctors” by multiple publications for their outstanding work, including New York Magazine and New Jersey Monthly. PSANJ is a top destination for facelift procedures because our surgeons have an artistic eye, pay close attention to detail and provide compassionate care. At Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey, we understand that facial beauty and a youthful appearance can improve your quality of life. Just imagine the possibilities...


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