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The removal of excess accumulations of fat from specific areas of the body is called liposculpture. The most commonly-used technique is called tumescent liposuction, and it has steadily evolved over the past fifteen years.

Tumescent means that the tissues have been prefilled with saline and dilute epinephrine to reduce bruising and facilitate fat removal. The cannulas, or tubes, we use are extremely small, enabling us to precisely control and sculpt the tissues. Occasionally, we will incorporate ultrasound energy or the power-assisted technique for extended cases.

Liposuction Before & After Photos

The cosmetic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey are highly skilled in performing liposuction. View our unique before & after photo gallery to see the results of liposuction on real patients from our Princeton and New Brunswick, NJ offices.

The beauty of liposculpture at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey is that we can dramatically change a person’s body contour in just a few hours. Areas that previously have not responded to dieting and exercise can simply be recontoured with a very short recovery period.

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Common Liposuction Questions at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey


What is the recovery time after liposuction?


After liposuction, when can I return to work? And start exercising again?

Patients typically return to work within a few days after liposuction. You can be up and walking immediately after the procedure, and light exercise and more moderate workouts can be considered after 2-4 weeks, but heavy exercise routines should be avoided for at least a full month after liposuction. Always consult with your physician before exercising, as times vary on a case by case basis.


Can I regain the weight after liposuction?

Adults have a fixed number of fat cells in their body and once they have been removed through liposuction, they will not return. However, anyone can gain weight when you consume more calories than you exert. We recommend that patients be sure to follow a healthy diet and exercise program following liposuction to optimize results.


Why should I get liposuction at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey?

The plastic surgeons of PSANJ are recognized for their remarkable dedication to patients, extreme attention to detail and consistent results. Using the most advanced liposuction techniques and equipment available, patients of Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey receive natural looking results with limited pain and bruising, and quick recovery times. Frequently recognized by New York Magazine and New Jersey Monthly as “Top Doctors” in their field, PSANJ is a top destination for liposuction cosmetic surgery in the New Jersey, New York and the Tri-State Area. Just imagine the possibilities...

Note: One of the most important steps towards a great liposuction experience is the selection your surgical team. At Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey, we encourage you to investigate your options: ask questions, see before-and-after liposuction photos, and ask about advanced training and certifications. Ask about advanced liposuction techniques, and obtain a quality liposuction consultation.


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