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The HydraFacial is an innovative facial treatment that is designed to treat all skin types. The HydraFacial is different from standard facial techniques in that it is able to remove dead skin cells from the skin via Microdermabrasion and extract any impurities. The fresh, new skin underneath is then immersed with serums that cleanse, hydrate and moisturize.

The serums used in the HydraFacial can be customized for your unique skin care situation. If you have any concerns, you can ask for an evaluation and/or sensitivity test before undergoing a HydraFacial.

The HydraFacial can take as little as fifteen minutes to complete and is gentle enough that you can re-apply make-up and return to your everyday routine immediately after treatment. Many individuals have described seeing satisfying, visible results after only one treatment; with these results lasting longer than seven days for some patients. One HydraFacial treatment per month is suggested in order to see a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, hyper pigmentation, and oily skin.

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