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Gynecomastia Repair

Patient 1. This young man is a 13 year old referred to Dr. Nini for severe gynecomastia. His condition is similar to the tuberous breast condition which occurs in women. A combination of direct surgical excision and liposuction feathering was performed. These photographs are taken 6 months post-procedure. You can see that there is some residual nipple areolar redundancy. We expect this to improve as he matures and loses some of his baby fat. If not, a minor revision can always be performed. Procedure performed: Gynecomastia Repair.

Gynecomastia Repair

Patient 2. This is a 23-year-old man who presents with gynecomastia, which is male breast enlargement. The breast tissue often develops during adolescence and persists despite diet and exercise. Treatment of this condition involves direct excision through scars hidden along the side of the areola as well as liposuction to feather the edges and sculpt the chest wall. Dr. Wey. Procedures performed: Gynecomastia Repair, Liposuction

Gynecomastia Repair

Patient 3. This is a 22-year-old with gynecomastia which was related to an over-the-counter weight lifting supplement he took when he was 18 years old. This resulted in significant enlargement of his breasts. Dr. Nini performed gynecomastia repair with a combination of liposuction and direct surgical excision. Because he was moving out of the area, we took his postoperative photographs exactly 4 weeks after the date of surgery. The liposuction scar is still evident in the lower outer portion of the breast. This is a good example of how the patients look shortly after surgery. He can resume all activities at this point. Over time, this will fade and be barely noticeable. Procedure performed: Gynecomastia Repair.

Gynecomastia Repair

Patient 4. This is a 15-year-old with a history of gynecomastia which has persisted for the past four years. His endocrine laboratory studies were normal. The gynecomastia repair was carried out using a combination of liposuction to contour the breast shape, and direct surgical excision to remove the thickened glandular mass that typically rests behind the nipple areolar complex. Since the incision is placed around the perimeter of the areola, it is very well disguised. His photographs were taken six months after treatment. Dr. Nini. Procedure performed: Gynecomastia Repair.

Gynecomastia Repair

Patient 5. This is a 61-year-old man who has suffered with gynecomastia since adolescence. He has been embarrassed by this for many decades and at this relatively late stage in life, decided to do something about it. He was committed to a healthy lifestyle and a regular exercise routine but explained that the feminized appearance of his breasts was something that he could no longer live with. Gynecomastia surgery was carried out using a combination of liposuction feathering and direct surgical excision with a scar hidden at the border of the nipple areolar complex. His postoperative photographs were taken 7 months later. Dr. Nini. Procedure performed: Gynecomastia Repair.

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